swissconnect's business model has focused on a sustainable approach since the company was founded in 1999. Find out what that means for us and how we balance environmental, economic, and social aspects.


Environmental sustainability

We use resources sparingly and avoid the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Since its founding in 1999 as a spin-off of Velokurier Luzern, swissconnect has never possessed its own transportation (bicycle, train, car, etc.), but rather has always fallen back on existing resources. This mean, for example, that the railways are used for long-distance deliveries and we work together with local companies such as bicycle or taxi couriers for local deliveries. Cars, delivery trucks or lorries are used only in remote areas and for large and heavy consignments. This unique combination of the most sensible transport method in each case guarantees not only the quickest but also the most ecological deliveries in Switzerland. This way, vast amounts of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 are saved. In close collaboration with Swiss Climate, swissconnect has developed a CO2 calculator that shows the amount of CO2 saved in every delivery thanks to the unique swissconnect transport system. This amount is compared to the conventional delivery variant in which a car is driven from the sender to the recipient and back again empty.

Economic sustainability

We focus on long-term success and make our processes more efficient. Of the 23 shareholders at swissconnect ag, none of them has a majority holding. They are network partners themselves for the most part and are interested in long-term economic success. Our market presence of over 20 years and our many long-standing customer relationships are testimony to our commitment to durability. Selling the company was never an option for us – and this will remain the case. swissconnect works together with 80 local courier partners from all over Switzerland. This means that the individual companies are provided with orders in their delivery areas and also that they can offer their customers national transport solutions that are coordinated and monitored by swissconnect. This long-term collaboration also leads to increases in economic success for the individual local partners. swissconnect’s own in-house logistics software, through which every individual express delivery is processed, guarantees efficient digital processes from the receipt of the order to shipment coordination and invoicing. The entire process management is audited regularly by an external body since swissconnect has been certified ISO-9001 since 2011.

Express transport by rail swissconnect
For longer distances, swissconnect has been using rail since 1999 to get express deliveries to their destination faster and more ecologically than any other courier service.

Social sustainability

We place great value on social justice and responsible conduct towards employees and partners. The approximately 700 couriers in the swissconnect network do an excellent job every day and deserve to be adequately remunerated and insured. For this reason, swissconnect has worked exclusively with qualified courier companies since its founding and regulates the collaboration with a framework contract that is the same for all partner firms and was developed in close cooperation with these. Several Swiss bicycle courier companies, all of them long-standing swissconnect partners, have campaigned for a collective labour agreement. This came into force on 1 May 2019 after extensive negotiation with the Syndicom union. This is a premiere across Europe, guarantees working conditions in the industry and serves as an instrument against dumping platforms and low-cost competition. swissconnect as a company and many partner companies are bound by this collective agreement, which makes compulsory equal wages for men and women, a minimum wage of CHF 20.35, income support and paternity leave, for example. Several courier partners receive support from swissconnect in various ways, for example through consultancy or aid in the purchase of sustainable means of transport. The swissconnect network takes cars and delivery trucks off the streets. This means fewer traffic jams and liveable city centres for the entire population.

Since the company was founded in 1999, swissconnect has relied on the Swiss bicycle couriers
Since the company was founded in 1999, swissconnect has relied on the Swiss bicycle couriers
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