Switzerland-wide express transport of medical test materials for Viollier AG

The testing of sample materials at Viollier AG is essential in enabling patients and their doctors to be more successful and safer in prevention, diagnosis and therapy. With a comprehensive range of more than 2,500 analyses, the family-run Viollier AG is the leading company for laboratory medicine in Switzerland. In order to transport the sample materials safely and quickly to its lab centre in Allschwil, in addition to its own courier service and other transport partners, Viollier AG has worked with swissconnect, the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland, for around 20 years.

The fast, safe and ecological transport of medical sample materials is of central importance for us. Thanks to our collaboration with swissconnect, the lab samples reach us in the shortest time from across Switzerland. We analyse these and report the findings to our customers in record time – 24/7.

Leonardo Simone Head of customer services at Viollier AG.

Laboratory diagnostics are the basis for clinical decisions

Rapid and accurate laboratory diagnostics are the basis for around 70% of clinical decisions. To ensure that the findings are reported to the patient or the doctor as quickly as possible, the fast transport of the medical sample material from the place it was taken to the nearest Viollier AG lab is crucial. The analysis results are generally available within less than 90 min of receipt of the sample or following post-prescription. Every day, around 110 Viollier AG customer service staff pick up a huge number of diverse samples from doctors and hospitals throughout Switzerland. Once the regional customer service tours are completed, the analyses are then also handed over to swissconnect couriers at various locations throughout the country. These ensure that the sample materials are transported quickly, safely and ecologically by train to be analysed subsequently in the world’s most modern lab centre.

Viollier laboratory in Allschwil
Viollier laboratory in Allschwil

Customer proximity and digital solutions as a competitive advantage

In addition to the lab centre in Allschwil, Viollier AG’s over 700 employees are present at 37 other locations throughout Switzerland. The Customer Service Center assists and advises customers 24/7 and among other things also organises emergency transport for particularly urgent medical test material. To this end, Viollier AG staff order a courier digitally in the customer login area at swissconnect ag and this courier carries out the express delivery in the shortest time possible. With v-consult, Viollier AG offers their customers a fully-integrated digital solution for clinical laboratory prescription; it optimises processes and allows, for example, lab results to be accessed independent of time and location. This means that customers receive their results as quickly and easily as possible.

Viollier laboratory in Allschwil
Viollier laboratory in Allschwil

Sustainability is an important element

In addition to speed, both companies have placed great importance on sustainability since their founding. This is demonstrated in both the close collaboration which has continued over 20 years now but also in the ecological express delivery of the lab results. Thus, as far back as 1953, the four children of company founder, Dr. med. Georges Viollier, collected the sample materials from the milk boxes of several Basel physicians and brought them back home to the lab – on their bikes. swissconnect has stood for fast and ecological transport solutions since its founding in 1999. Rail is used over longer distances and shorter routes are covered by bicycle, cargo bike or car – depending on the geographical conditions. Thanks to this unique transportation system, a whole 603,368kg of the damaging greenhouse gas CO2 has been saved for all urgent deliveries that swissconnect carried out for Viollier AG in 2020 – this is the equivalent of saving around 241,347 litres of petroleum. swissconnect’s CO2 calculator presents the amount of CO2 which would have been generated through conventional car deliveries and compares this with the value generated by the smart swissconnect transport system.

Founded in Basel in 1953, the family-run Viollier AG is the Swiss leader in laboratory medicine and offer a comprehensive range of over 2,500 analyses. Viollier AG employees more than 700 members of staff in the lab centre in Allschwil, which is the most modern in the world, and at 37 other locations.

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