Fast and secure transportation of lab samples for the Switzerland-wide Medisupport network

Medisupport provides accurate test results in different fields of laboratory medicine, such as genetics, pathology, hygiene, and fertility. In order to deliver test results to doctors as fast as possible, it is very important to transport medical test material quickly and securely. For several years now, Medisupport has relied on swissconnect, the fastest and the most sustainable courier service. In the following reference report, you will learn more about this exciting collaboration.

Central point of contact in the healthcare sector

The Medisupport network is comprised of 20 regional laboratories and medical centres across Switzerland, and it employs about 900 employees. Its rich experience in laboratory analysis makes Medisupport a central point of contact in the Swiss healthcare sector. To fulfil the requirements of doctors, hospitals, and research institutes, it is essential to have a reliable express logistics service:  one that is based on customer focus, speed, and sustainability, with the goal of delivering quick and high-quality test results.

Medisupport laboratory
Medisupport laboratory

The faster lab samples are transported, the earlier we can submit test results to doctors. For many years now, swissconnect has provided us with the fastest and most ecological transport solutions, even on traffic-prone routes.

Philippe Scheidt Head of Operations and Coordination at Aurigen-Genesupport-Polyanalytic, Member of the Medisupport network.

The swissconnect courier service provides the fastest connections

Many of the Medisupport network’s 20 regional laboratories and medical centres are connected to each other through the express deliveries made by swissconnect. On traffic-prone routes, such as Geneva – Bern, Sion – Geneva, or Yverdon – Geneva, Medisupport always relies on swissconnect and its unique transport system. This system precludes the possibility of courier drivers getting stuck in traffic with lab samples, which in turn could result in high costs and delays. swissconnect’s transport system relies on the Swiss rail network, and so traffic is never an issue. Punctual deliveries allow us to properly plan follow-up processes in labs. Thanks to the reliable express logistics of Medisupport, test results can be sent to doctors as fast as possible, which is crucial for the further treatment of patients.

Medisupport network
Medisupport network

Sustainability as an important factor

The Medisupport lab network works to provide healthcare services for everyone. It is not only important to deliver lab samples fast, but it is also important to do so in an environmentally friendly way. swissconnect’s logistics software chooses a suitable means of transport to make deliveries quickly and in the most CO2-neutral way possible. This means using bicycles for deliveries within cities, and using the railway network for deliveries across cities. Thanks to this unique delivery method, in 2019, the Medisupport network emitted 122'459 kg less CO2 than it would have if express deliveries had been made using motor vehicles. This is the equivalent of saving around 48'980 litres of petroleum. swissconnect’s CO2 calculator presents the amount of CO2 which would have been generated through conventional car deliveries and compares this with the value generated by the smart swissconnect transport system.

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