Gift baskets of chilled food delivered in specified time slots

Emmi, the largest milk-processing company in Switzerland, gave away 50 gift baskets filled with its own delicious products as part of an online competition. The winners from all over Switzerland were thrilled to receive fine cheese, yoghurt, caffé latte, and much more. swissconnect, the fastest and most sustainable courier service in Switzerland, planned and handled this exciting group shipment. You can find out how it all worked and how the lucky winners reacted in the report below.

The personal handover of the shipment is an emotional moment and underscores the quality of Emmi products. We received only positive feedback from the recipients

Mathurin Blumer Cheese Team, Emmi Group

Shipping as an important part of the customer journey

After the raffle, the winners were contacted by Emmi and a delivery slot was agreed. This meant the baskets could be handed over personally and the chilled food was definitely given to the right people. The recipients were delighted when the courier rang the doorbell right on time with the gift basket in hand.

Assistance with route planning

Emmi sent swissconnect the list of 50 recipients, including the time slots. The route planning and the detailed briefing on how the couriers should conduct the handover were carried out by swissconnect. Transporting the gift baskets turned out to be somewhat tricky, because they could not be stacked, for example. Shortly before delivery, the couriers took the food that needed to be refrigerated out of a cooler bag and put it in the gift basket, nicely arranged.

Gift baskets of chilled food
Gift baskets of chilled food

The importance of sustainability

Sustainability is a high priority in Emmi's corporate strategy. It is important to ensure that emissions from transportation that Emmi does not carry out itself are as low as possible. Thanks to its unique transport system, swissconnect delivered the gift baskets it a way that was both more punctual and more CO2-neutral than any other courier service in Switzerland. Whenever possible, the delicious Emmi products reached the lucky winners by train and by local bike couriers. The courier company Velokurier Luzern Zug AG's natural gas-powered vehicles were also used for distribution routes in Central Switzerland. The only question left is, who wouldn't be delighted with such perfectly delivered delicacies?

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