Fast and safe delivery of medicines in accordance with GDP guidelines

For more than 60 years, Alloga has made an important contribution to the nationwide supply of medicines and supplies around 13,000 customers throughout Switzerland. Alloga has been working with swissconnect, Switzerland's fastest and most sustainable courier service, for many years to provide express deliveries. The Alloga headquarters in Burgdorf regularly supplies numerous pharmacies, chemists, hospitals, medical practices, and pharmaceutical wholesalers throughout Switzerland with medications. Customers can place orders electronically or in writing. The consignment will then be packaged and delivered on the planned distribution routes. When a customer needs a particular medication right away and fast delivery is required, the Alloga customer service team and swissconnect will do their utmost to provide this service.

Short reaction times enable fast delivery

The Alloga customer service team clarify the fastest possible delivery option with the customer and swissconnect. The order is immediately initiated and the medication ordered is picked and packed in a special shipping box. At the same time, the courier is digitally assigned the job through the swissconnect customer portal. The courier accepts the shipment shortly thereafter at the goods exit and brings it to the recipient via the fastest route. The swissconnect logistics software determines the fastest and most sustainable route between Burgdorf and the recipient. This is usually achieved through a combination of different means of transport. As a result, the required pharmaceutical product is delivered to the recipient not only faster, but also in a way that is more environmentally friendly than any other courier service in Switzerland.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with swissconnect, we are able to provide extremely fast delivery of medicines, even on the same day the order is received.

Adrian Binggeli Head of Shipping at Alloga

Temperature-controlled transportation in accordance with GDP guidelines

Since 2017, Alloga has been offering actively temperature-controlled transport throughout the country, thereby fulfilling the requirements of the GDP guidelines for good distribution practice. The various cold-storage rooms at the headquarters in Burgdorf allow pharmaceutical products to be stored in several temperature ranges between - 80°C and +25°C. For express deliveries, Alloga uses special boxes that were developed for the transportation of temperature-controlled medications and are fully compliant with GDP requirements.

Sustainability is key at Alloga and swissconnect

Alloga is a member of the Galenica Group. Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica's corporate governance. The three sustainability principles also include "Increasing resource efficiency, especially in the energy sector". As the fastest and most sustainable courier service, swissconnect helps keep CO2 emissions during express transport as low as possible. Thanks to the ingenious swissconnect transportation system, it was possible to save a total of 18,909 kg of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 in 2018 - equivalent to saving around 7,564 litres of crude oil. The swissconnect CO2 calculator calculates the amount of CO2 that would have been generated by a conventional delivery by car and compares this with the amount generated by the unique swissconnect transportation system.

Christoph Masoner
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