10 reasons for swissconnect

What makes swissconnect so unique and why does it pay to work with us? We have put 10 of the most important reasons together for you.


Your consignment will arrive fastest at the recipient

No other courier service delivers quicker in Switzerland. Shortly after you place your order, we pick up your express delivery and transport it by the fastest means to the recipient. We offer this service right the way across Switzerland – no matter how big and heavy your express consignment is.


You have one contact partner for express deliveries of every kind in every corner of Switzerland

swissconnect takes on the coordination, control and responsibility for your express deliveries. Irrespective of the location, the size of the consignment or its volume, you have a central contact partner who takes care of your express logistics. This means you can get on with concentrating fully on your core business.


You benefit from over 20 years of experience in domestic express logistics

Since its founding in 1999, swissconnect has built up valuable expertise in the area of domestic express logistics. This extensive knowledge, which is continuously expanded within the swissconnect network also through regular exchange, is unique. You also benefit from the experience that we have gleaned in the past 20 years from countless projects.


The largest network of professional courier services is at your disposal

swissconnect works with 80 qualified courier companies and 10 different rail companies throughout the whole of Switzerland. This means that 500 bicycle and 200 car couriers, spread out all over the country, are at your disposal for every express delivery. Bicycles, cargo bikes, trains, cars, delivery vans and lorries transport your consignment quickly and ecologically to the recipient. The geographical proximity to the sender and recipient is guaranteed at all times thanks to the 80 courier companies that are distributed in a close-knit network all over the country. The locally-based couriers know their territory and the local conditions very well. This means you’ll receive your delivery quickly and reliably.  Through swissconnect, the largest network of professional courier companies in Switzerland is at your disposal.



Your goods will be transported safely

swissconnect insists on the highest quality. To this end, every individual express delivery is tracked using the software and additionally monitored personally by trained members of staff. The qualified swissconnect couriers transport your consignment carefully and hand it over to the recipient only against signature. This means that your delivery not only reaches its destination quickly but also absolutely safely and reliably. Our ISO-9001:2015 certification and many other measures guarantee the highest quality and safety.


Your express delivery will be transported as ecologically as possibly

To every extent possible, swissconnect uses multi-modal transport and exploits the strengths of the various means of transportation (bicycle, train, car, etc.). In the city, the bicycle is the fastest; from city to city, the train; in outlying areas, the car. Delivery vans or lorries are used for large and heavy deliveries. This unique possibility to combine the various modes of transport leads to huge savings in the emissions of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2. swissconnect delivers in a more environmentally-friendly way that any other courier service in Switzerland.


Your consignment is processed via central logistics software

The unique swissconnect logistics software selects the cleverest connection from the sender to the recipient and offers the courier with the appropriate means of transport (bicycle, cargo bike, train, car, delivery van, lorry) within the shortest of times. This means that traffic jams can be avoided and much time and CO2 saved, for example, by transporting by rail. The central logistics software allows consistent data management, transparency and uniform standards.


You benefit from our personal and flexible way of working

As a Swiss SME, we appreciate short decision and direct communication paths. We’re happy to take on additional tasks and are also available for special deliveries of every kind. We’re open to current market developments and new technology and, thanks to our flexibility, can implement these very quickly. We take care of your concerns and requests personally and are directly available, should you have any questions.


You work together with couriers that are paid and insured appropriately

Day in, day out, the swissconnect couriers carry out countless order to the very highest quality standards. They deserve fair compensation and social benefits. Since the very beginning of swissconnect, we have paid appropriate wages. We are proud that the Swiss bicycle couriers signed a collective wage agreement on 1 May 2019 and can thus protect themselves against dumping platforms and cheap competition.


You work together with a medium-size Swiss firm that is and will remain independent

swissconnect ag has been an independent Swiss SMU for more than 20 years and will remain so. The shares in swissconnect ag are owned by 24 different partners that all come from Switzerland. No shareholder has a majority and most of them are also courier partners in the swissconnect network. They are all proven experts in the domestic logistics industry. In working with swissconnect, you can rely on a tried and tested, independent Swiss SME.