Express deliveries with car and taxi

A taxi or a car is the appropriate means of transport for urgent consignment delivery over longer distances or to remote areas.

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Car couriers deliver quickly and safely

The express deliveries are transported quickly and safely from the sender to the recipient in the boot or on the passenger seat. swissconnect ag works with around 80 selected courier companies from right across the country. These include around 200 car and taxi couriers. This unique network of professional courier companies is the market leader in Switzerland and has specialised on corporate express deliveries since 1999.

Car courier swissconnect
Over 200 car couriers from all over Switzerland are in the swissconnect network

Our experience is your advantage

We have over 20 years of experience in domestic express logistics and insist on the highest levels of quality and safety. Your express delivery is personally coordinated and monitored by trained swissconnect ag scheduling staff. Our courier driver hands your consignment over to the recipient only against a signature – at the same time, you’ll receive confirmation of receipt by email. We work together with 80 qualified courier companies throughout Switzerland and form the largest network of express couriers across the country. This means that we always have more than 700 local couriers with various transportation means at your disposal. Our intelligent logistics software selects the appropriate means of transport to deliver your express shipment faster and more ecologically to its destination than any other courier service in Switzerland.

Your partner for Switzerland-wide express logistics

Do you have recurring deliveries, a large volume to send or are you looking for a partner to take on your entire express delivery demand? We’ll take care of it. Since 1999, we’ve been delivering express deliveries from corporate customers faster, safer and more ecologically than any other delivery service in Switzerland.

Express deliveries by car and taxi throughout Switzerland with swissconnect
Express deliveries by car and taxi throughout Switzerland with swissconnect
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