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What does IATA weight/volume weight mean?

The internationally recognised formula for calculating volume weight or chargeable weight was introduced by the International Air transport Association (IATA) and is thus known as the IATA formula. The aim of the formula is to define a reasonable and consistent measurement for the freight costs of bulky but light materials. The formula is: Length (cm) x breadth (cm) x height (cm) : 6000 = volume weight (kg). The volume weight is compared to the actual weight of the delivery (scale weight). The higher of the two values is used for determining the price. Many international logistics service providers (DHL, UPS, FedEx) also work with this formula.


What is a “part” of a delivery?

A consignment is transported from the sender to the recipient. This one consignment can in some cases comprise several “parts” (for example, four packets or five letters). If your consignment comprises multiple parts, you can simply state this when you place the order. We log every part separately so that we have an overview of the entire consignment (number of parts, dimensions, weights of the individual parts). This allows us to organise the right courier with the optimal means of transport and deliver your consignment quickly and safely to its destination.


What does dispatch date mean?

The dispatch date is the day on which your delivery is to take place. With us, you have the option of arranging your express delivery in advance for the next day or already for the following week. As soon as we know your dispatch date, we can arrange a courier with the appropriate means of transport and deliver your consignment reliably to the recipient.


What does “pick-up time from” mean?

“Pick-up time from” means that your consignment is ready for delivery from this time and can be picked up by our courier. For organisational reasons, our courier will not be there with you at exactly the “pick-up time from” time but in most cases a few minutes later. However, your consignment will arrive on time with the recipient anyway. Do you want our courier to pick up your consignment at an exact time? Contact us now.


Is it not possible to send consignments in the evenings or at the weekend?

Please contact us directly for express deliveries outside our office hours (Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm).


Why is my postcode not displayed?

There are some postcodes that can’t be selected. Please enter the address at and clarify the geographical postcode or get in touch with us.


Why do I have to give the telephone number of the sender and recipient?

We want to be able to pick up and deliver your express delivery quickly and at the right place and are glad to have as detailed information as possible and options for contact. This information helps us if we happen to have a question about your delivery or, for example, if our courier is standing in front of a locked door. We will not pass the telephone numbers on or use them for advertising purposes.


What is a waybill/delivery note?

A waybill/delivery note is an A4 sheet of paper that accompanies every consignment and clearly identifies it. This is attached to the consignment and ensures that your delivery reaches its destination safely. You will receive the waybill/delivery note by email. Please print this out and give it to the courier at pick-up. Our couriers always have blank waybills/delivery notes with them and will of course fill one out if you have no printing facilities.


Why can private persons only pay using credit card?

We specialise in express deliveries for corporate customers but of course will also transport express consignments for private customers too. Private persons pay us by credit card in order to avoid any collection costs that we would be forced to pass on to our customers.


Why is a higher amount reserved on my credit card?

In express deliveries, additional, unforeseen costs may be incurred in exceptional circumstances (e.g. waiting time when picking up or delivering). For this reason, we reserve 125% of the calculated amount on your credit card. This amount is not deducted from your card but rather is only reserved on it for 48 hours. 48 hours after the consignment is delivered, we know the definite total cost of the delivery and deduct this from your card.


Why is the invoice sent to me by email and not by post?

For ecological reasons, we are concerned with using as little paper as possible and therefore send our invoices electronically. Would you like to receive your invoice by post rather than by email? Contact us. We’re happy to help.



What does “maximum delivery time” mean?

The “maximum delivery time” describes the maximum time that passes between you placing the order and the delivery with the recipient. This time is considered binding unless unforeseeable events occur (traffic jams, train cancellation, etc). Our logistics software automatically factors sufficient reserve time into the maximum delivery time. Our couriers are super-fast and usually don’t need this reserve time. Generally speaking, our deliveries reach the recipient faster and earlier that the “maximum delivery time” predicted.

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