swissconnect – the largest network of professional courier companies in Switzerland

Everything began in 1999 with bicycle courier companies from six Swiss cities

The result is a unique network with 80 qualified courier companies throughout the country. The interconnection of the local courier companies with the railway and our own in-house logistics software has been perfected continuously. Today, swissconnect is the fastest and most sustainable courier in Switzerland and transports countless express deliveries for corporate customers every day.

Express transport by rail swissconnect
For longer distances, swissconnect has been using rail since 1999 to get express deliveries to their destination faster and more ecologically than any other courier service.

Uniting 500 bicycle and 200 car couriers

swissconnect relies on high-quality courier services and has worked exclusively with qualified courier companies since its founding more than 20 years ago. The 80 local partner companies employ around 700 professional couriers throughout Switzerland. These provide top performance on a daily basis and are personally committed to ensuring that every individual express delivery arrives with the recipient on time and reliably. The couriers are based locally and know the best routes for the destination in each case.

The partner companies provide bicycles, cargo bikes, cars, delivery trucks and lorries for the transportation of every consignment, no matter how big or small. The members of the swissconnect network are connected with 10 different railway companies. The express deliveries travel throughout Switzerland without traffic jams and practically emission-free. The ingenious swissconnect transport system guarantees faster and more ecological express deliveries than any other courier service in Switzerland.

Car courier swissconnect
Over 200 car couriers from all over Switzerland are in the swissconnect network

Proximity to customers thanks to the dense network

swissconnect specializes in immediate delivery for corporate clients from various industries. Our B2B customers want delivery right across Switzerland and not purely concentrated in the cities, as is customary in the B2C market. A particular strength of the dense swissconnect network is the geographical proximity to the customers. This is safeguarded through the 80 local partner firms. This means that the customer not only gets his goods quicker but also has a knowledgeable contact locally. Together with our network partners, we are there where our customers need us – Switzerland-wide.

A central logistics software for the entire network

In addition to the physical express deliveries, we also transport in parallel data that ensures that the express delivery is picked up and delivered at the right place. This takes place in our own swissconnect logistics software that was developed for this purpose. The biggest partner companies are also connected directly to it. The trained employees use the software to organise every individual express delivery. In doing so, the fastest and most ecological means of transport is always selected for the right place and the right time.

The unique logistics software from swissconnect searches for the fastest and most ecological transport connection
The unique logistics software from swissconnect searches for the fastest and most ecological transport connection

Learning from each other and advancing together

The network members and swissconnect have maintained regular exchange with each other for many years. Improvements, new ideas and the current market trends are discussed at regular meetings. This valuable dialogue allows the individual network partners to continually develop together with swissconnect. It is important for us to present to the customers the best possible solutions for their delivery requests right across Switzerland. This is only possible when we pool our knowledge and forces and are open to cooperation. Would you like to find out more about the unique swissconnect network? Contact us now.

Since the company was founded in 1999, swissconnect has relied on the Swiss bicycle couriers
Since the company was founded in 1999, swissconnect has relied on the Swiss bicycle couriers
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